Wir sind glücklich, wenn unsere Gäste es sind. Deshalb freuen wir uns über jedes Lob und nehmen es als Ansporn, Ihren Event noch mehr abzurunden.

I’ve just finished another two days of teaching and coaching at the Zeit.Raum seminar centre in Schorndorf, near Stuttgart, and I’m happy to report that they have created a near-perfect environment for the kind of discreet and intensive arts-based work that I, and my colleagues, undertake with senior executives. Quiet and efficiently serviced this out-of-the-way ‘seminarzentrum’ is ideal for those who want to work creatively, in peace, away from the hustle and bustle of central Stuttgart. The building itself is a well-designed conversion of an old commercial unit. With genuinely good art on the walls, comfortable, elegant furniture and fashionably polished concrete flooring, it provides both a welcome and a sense of creative possibility. More importantly for the corporate client, it offers a selection of practically sized rooms for most requirements, from small and intimate coaching and breakout rooms, up to reasonably sized group rooms. Good refreshments and generous meals, often featuring healthy and local specialities, are served without any fanfare or fuss; and Eva and Antonietta are on hand throughout the day to assist with their client’s transportation and communications needs.

I was particularly taken with the air of peace and tranquility that permeated the centre, which aided both the creative sessions and the deeper conversations I was seeking to have. In fact, I can’t recommend the Zeit.Raum highly enough. I wish them well and look forward to returning once again in the New Year. 

William Ayot Author, Poet and Executive Coach Monmouthshire, UK

Wir denken gerne zurück. Ich weiß auch nicht, aber alle sind so berührt von den schönen Räumen. Es hat uns sehr gut gefallen und wir werden irgendwann ganz sicher wieder kommen.

Michaela Hofmann Feier